If you are having trouble finding the status of a work request, please contact our Work Control at fm.workcontrol@okstate.edu or call at 405-744-7154.

If you are having any trouble with the customer portal, please email us at fm.it@okstate.edu or try calling the Facilities Management IT office at 405-744-6224.

Do I use the FM Customer Portal for Emergencies or Urgent work requests?

NO, call (405) 744-7154

Can anyone enter a work request in the Portal?

Yes, however before submitting a request please read the FM Billing Policy below.

What types of requests can be entered using the Portal?

All types of requests can be entered via the Customer Portal, from maintenance repairs, custodial services to small and large construction projects.

What happens to my request once I click submit?

Your request will be sent to Facilities Management Work Control where it will be reviewed and converted to a work order for maintenance or small construction requests. You will receive an email with the work order number for tracking in the Customer Portal.

What is the FM Payment/Billing Policy?
Can I cancel a request?

Please contact Work Control if you need to cancel a request at (405) 744-7154.

Can I change a request once it has been entered?

You will need to contact your Zone Manager or Project Manager if you wish to change the scope of your request. Zone Manager listing can be found on the FM website at fm.okstate.edu.

How do I know what the Default Account Number is for my department?

Please contact your departments Fiscal Officer for that information.

How do I review or track my work order in the Portal?

Instructions are located at the bottom of the FM Customer Portal for step by step instructions of how to create a request and how to review your requests.

How do I know what services can be provided by Facilities Management?

Please review the FM Guide to Services located on the FM website at fm.okstate.edu. For an overview of the types of services that are provided by Facilities Management. You can also speak with your Zone Manager about what services can be provided. If unsure who the Zone Manager is for your building, please see the Zone Manager listing on the FM website at fm.okstate.edu.